Vitality is a general term that describes what is the state of a particular person's well-being. It can be measured in a variety of scales.

Tšintše VitalityEdit

Tšintše Vitality is a simple, arbitrary-accuracy vitality scale that neatly divides every state of being into seven equal groups:

  • 0: DEAD, undead, and any other not-alive words.
  • 1: Horribly wounded, unconscious.
  • 2: Wounded, the Mental Wall, fading determination.
  • 3: Tramatized, wounded slightly, or sudden blackout.
  • 4: A bit sick, crippled, or shocked.
  • 5: The general case: no sickness, everything is well.
  • 6: Better than good, or the character is about to do something awesome.

Variants of this scale involve moving undead people up to the 1 ~ 6 scheme. Some variants also remove the 6 rating.

Adlofo VitalityEdit

The Adlofo Character Vitality Scale takes six numbers P_s, P_i, P_d, M_w, M_i, and M_s, for Strength/Stamina, Illness, Dexterity, Willpower, Influence and Skill respectively. Illness and Influence take a number from 0 to 5, the rest take a number from 0 to 10.

Adlofo Vitality then adjusts these as follows:

M_w^\prime = M_w - \frac{M_w M_i}{8}

P_d^\prime = \frac{1}{200}(200 P_d - 35 P_d P_i + 40 P_d M_i - 7 P_d P_i M_i)

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