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Room 5350:028, 5350/F
50 000 000 051 k+84 580° 130' 230.1"

Dear Sir,

This evening, the ponies have arrived in a small town down the shore, after about a full day of hiking. Their conditions are not great but still fine; fatigue appears to have set in, and they have quite a few bruises from the strong gravity. Be rest assured, however, they are still in one piece.

The town is called Escando (Eskandou), and is primarily a village of griffets. The griffets have seen this shape of creature before, but have not, of course, seen these colored beasts before. They are rather excited by the range of things and took them in for the night, seeing that they are in rather a bad way.

The ponies are taking this rather badly. Still being constantly jet-lagged from the super-speed sun, they seem slow and sluggish. A griffet, Sh—, took a couple of her companions and begin to find the right amount of berries to get them up to Lyran speed, and explained what their neck of the woods contain.

Sure enough, by the second day, they have felt pronouncedly better, being able to do some heavy work for the <type="Earth"> ponies, and even the others have shook off the effects of the fast sun. This may be because of the extremely dense air that allows them to metabolize faster.

Your humbled and hungry servant,
Janura K. Nisne


No seriously. I haven't eaten in a day or two.

Town Reached
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