The Agglutination and the Americans

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The correct title for this article is "The Agglutination and the Americans".The current title is used due to technical issues. ICBGY is rather bad at this.

The Agglutination and the Americans is the fourth book written. This is the first book to go past one hundred, two hundred, three hundred and four hundred pages. Started in November 2009, it kept on going like some kind of train.

Plot Summary (Parts 1 and 2)Edit

The year of 2030 kicked off this book by having a man named I Can’t be Bothered to Give You a Name (ICBGY Name) invaded South Africa like nobody’s business. After getting a stronghold on South Africa (and improving it alarmingly quickly), ICBGY then went on to invade South America and later on Australia.

The international community was completely shocked by this development. They had to sacrifice South Africa for a regrouping. (They later found out that the Agglutination (the country that ICBGY founded) wasn’t evil later on.)

When I said regrouping, I mean regrouping. The two-hundred-odd countries of the world agglutinated (heh, heh) into eleven very big countries. These eleven are collectively known as the Enormous Eleven. Only a small handful of countries had escaped this generalization of doom.

Things quickly became egg-shaped when the successor of the US, Hockey Stick (!), bender of the typography rules, announced that they had evidence that the Agglutination was evil after all. This was quickly countered by the Agglutination simply yelling at him, saying “He’s evil! Take our word for it! We had evidence before he did!” Not surprisingly, the international community believed them both, making the situation look like a wonky hourglass instead of an egg.

In the meantime, the two messes (Ira* and *Stan) started to become one big mess (*Ia). This fact was overshadowed, however, with the launching of the Replicator, a very chaotic device that expands factorial-exponentially, later upgraded to bi-exponentially.

The rocket that brought the Replicator to its destination, the oddly-named Soviet Love 14.4, had a small accident that sent it to interplanetary space after sending the Replicator to Australia, instead of its original phase of being sent back to the Earth. It then moved off to a breach in the dimensions conveniently popping for a visit to the sun at the time, alerting an alien race named the Жthoÿi (Pronounced: ZH-toy).

In the meantime, the Agglutinationals began to storm the newly-created Enormous Greater Maghreb, while Hockey Stick mirrored the action by storming the northern border of SuperMexico.

All the time, the Society of Unorthodox Technology worked on a machine that could edit the weather. They had finished 7⁄8ths the way through part 2.