Index: No. 9.99.02$001

These are all currently running projects. Last updated May 1, 2011.


The headers mean:

The IndexEdit

The Index, as we all know it of.


The name of the project. Self-explanatory.


This is a five-point scale, based on Calendian Traffic indicators:

Five-point scale of project smoothness
Type Meaning
aClear The project is given top priority, short of any outside problems and school issues.
bAverage There is usually still enough time after the Clear projects have sufficiently progressed and any school issues resolved to do these.
cDMBR Pronounced "dim-ber" and stands for "Diversion may be required". You can't do these every day, but you still pay some attention to them, mostly thinking about the next step.
dCongestion You have to really squeeze to get these done at any appreciable speed, but it's still possible.
eSlow You have to steal the precious little of your time on the bus or something to deal with these.


What lies in progress is very vague and cannot be described in any less than three tables. We'll see what will happen in the future.

1. Project Blanket-FictionEdit

The Index Name Status Progress
1.01.01$001 Egonyota Pasaru cDMBR Grammar/Vocabulary
1.01.02${001~???}.002 National Flags dCongestion 1.01.02$016.002
1.01.03$001.004$001 Feferisetan: Kitan 1: Tour of eSlow Planning
1.02.01$001 Cipogrtesaj cDMBR Grammar
1.04.01$001 Serakafph Xaxex bAverage Phonology

2. Literature, 3. Music and 4. FanworksEdit

The Index Name Status Progress
2.04.00 The Agglutination and the Americans eSlow Chapter 145a // Section 20
3.25.01 Ukiyondaj bAverage ~60%

5. Science and 6. MathsEdit

The Index Name Status Progress
No projects!

7. Chess Variants and 8. MSPAsEdit

The Index Name Status Progress
7.11.* V-Chess eSlow Write-up
7.12.* Submachine Chess/Game 1 eSlow Move 24
7.13.40 MLP Chess 4.0: The Savannah aClear Piece movements
7.99.01 Ħasínū notation cDMBR Uploading

9. MetaEdit

The Index Name Status Progress
No projects!