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EP:UUr Pasaru

A webspace of stuff that I have created. It's as simple as that. There is going to be a lot coming around and in great numbers, so don't forget to come back every so often. Please?

Parts of this wiki, especially within the context of the Pseudoans, are both:

  • Works of fictions. Any resemblance to any other persons/aliens, living, dead or combinations thereof, are entirely coincidental; and
  • Based on true stories, because of principles that are too complex to display in this tiny table cell. (It has something to do with universes, I swear...)

Table of Contents:

  1. Project Blanket-Fiction
  2. Literature
  3. Music
  4. Fanworks
  5. Science projects
  6. Maths projects
  7. Chess Variants
  8. MSPAs
  9. Meta

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