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Room 5350:028, 5350/F
50 000 000 081 k+81 265° 287' 178.9"

Dear Sir,

We start off today and snapped a couple of ponies to Corona, the second-largest landmass in the entire world. I'm not kidding. This thing is pretty large. We placed them on Holm Bay, one of the larger societies that we know of.

The day lightens and the first of the ponies begin to awake. They utter in what is unmistakably Ecvetian[1][Ed. 1]. At first, simple "Where am I?"s and "How did we get here?"s. A couple, including a yellow one, I believe, began panicking a little and started jumping around like a nasty case of trampoline-on-foot.[2] It's a little bit disheartening that they can't adapt immediately, but then I can't either so I held my tongue. (Not that they can hear me.)

Remember that the pony day is 23 hours long? Not here! Lyr, being the quick spinner she is, completes her day in little more than twelve hours. Of course, that looks completely normal to us,[Ed. 2] and it wouldn't affect their sleep schedules all that much, but before long, they were bewildered by the tiny red sun ("Great C—, has she gone mad!?" I heard one go) tearing across the sky.

Especially more important thing about Lyr is its massive gravity. Near midday, one of the bluer cases - her name's R— —[3] – tried flying. Up, up, up she goes – only to find flying much more laborious, as evidenced by large screams of "hnnnng!" emancipating[4] from her. An hour or so later she gives up, tired and a little bit hungry. They realized that without the heavy atmosphere that their homeland gives, they simply can't do it. None of the ponies, even those those that are type="Pegasus", can fly. At least, not for extended periods of time.

They do hear the local wildlife, but currently they're far away from anyone; however, I'm pretty sure it will rain soon. It always rains in here. They'll get driven down soon enough and then there's confusion for all. Because despite the best of words, no word can differentiate <pony type="Pegasus"> and <pegasus>.

We'll have more letters coming when they get there. But for now,

Your humble and maybe-a-little-bit-evil servant,
Janura K. Nisne

  1. Though you might think it sounds a bit like English, and you'd be right! But that's to be expected in a society like this one!
  2. Or hoof, as the case may be.
  3. You got to admit, I love the pun. Just because this is a serious report, doesn't mean that I can't have a little fun with it!
  4. Ha-ha! Always wanted to use that word. Or did I get it wrong?


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  1. Ekvešën
  2. No idea what's he on here. Perhaps he lives in a different day?