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English Nakanese
The Four Standard Languages
Egonyota Pasaru Egonyotaoroaoso (lit. Crocodile language)
Serakafph Xaxex Serakafph Nak
yukũa|Elaga ütæk|Qvalsa {{{yukũa!Elaga ütæk!Qvalsa}}}
Cipogrtesaj Nakrtesaj
Other Languages
Nakanese needs one

Nakanese is a the language of the Crocodiles.


There are three families of letters, which are the N family, the K family, and the vowels.

  1. The N family contains this sliding scale of nasals:
    /ɱ/ <--- M, Ḿ, N, Ń, Ñ, Ǹ, Ņ, Ň ---> /ŋ/
  2. The K family contains this sliding scale of plosives:
    /c/ <--- C, Ç, Č, Ć, K, Ķ, Ǩ, Ḱ ---> /q/
  3. The vowels are [æ ɐ a ɶ ɑ ɒ ʌ]




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