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No. 9.99.00$002.*

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O:\Meta\Meta of Metas\Item

The Item Path is another way of sorting items in this website. While its scope is far more expansive than that of the Index, it is much longer and more unpredictable.

Description and SyntaxEdit

First, three Drive Names are chosen. These are:

  • I:\ (Input, storing things that I have found, seen, heard and so on.)
  • O:\ (Output, storing all the things that I have done and will do.)
  • M:\ (Memory, those not really fitting the above two.)

Backslashes are used à la Windows, and not a forward slash as Mac, Linux and HTML will. Why? So they won't accidentally be parsed as URLs, even that's pretty rare due to the fact that there is no protocol that I know of that uses I, O, or M alone.

The corresponding items in the Index are:

The Index Item Path
??? I:\
1.*, 2.*, 3.*, 4.*, 7.*, 8.*, 9.* O:\
5.*, 6.* M:\

You see that I:\ doesn't really fit into the Index.

The rest are really complicated, so let's see some sample paths.

  • Homestuck will have a path I:\Web Original\Webcomics\I - P\MS Paint Adventures\Homestuck\
  • Pseudo, as a planet, will have a path O:\Conworlds\Project Blanket-Fiction\Top 4\Pseudo\Planet\
  • The Laws of Reflection will have the path M:\Science\Physics\Optics\Laws\Laws of Reflection\

And so on. Infinite depth is possible, though not really there.


Now this is where it gets really bad.

This is obviously not any computer, so you don't expect things like .doc, .ods, or .css to appear. In their stead, stands completely new formats:

  1. Settings of a book, a comic, or a play will use .stg.
  2. Characters of the same things above will use .chr.
  3. Data Files of any type that can be neatly sorted into rows and columns use .tab.
  4. Random Long Thoughts, speeches, and general things that can be stored neatly in paragraph form use .txt, because what else is there left?
  5. Tunes, and some songs that just stick to your head, use .mel and .aud respectively.

So, to use Homestuck yet again, this fine fellow here has path I:\Web Original\Webcomics\I - P\MS Paint Adventures\Homestuck\Characters\Trolls\MEG~ARA.chr.

Same thing with the City of Ember in its eponymous book: I:\Literature\Fresh Food\A - H\The City of Ember\Places\Ember.stg.