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Vital statistics
Steps required 24
Tool set Compasses and straightedge
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Index number No. 6.12.01$005
Date created 03.02.2011
Date digitized 03.02.2011
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  1. Make points A and B.
  2. Create line AND circle AB.
  3. Halve AB, midpoint C;
  4. Halve BC, midpoint D;
  5. Halve BD, midpoint E.
  6. Create circle AE.
  7. Create perpendicular to AB through A.
  8. Where this new line crosses circle AE mark F.
  9. Create line parallel to AB passing through F.
  10. Create circle AD.
  11. Create line perpendicular to AB passing through C.
  12. Where this line crosses circle AD mark G. G and F should be on opposite sides of AB.
  13. Create circle, center C, radius CD.
  14. where this circle crosses circle AD, mark H. The projection of H on AB should be on AC.
  15. Create line perpendicular to AB crossing through H.
  16. Where this line crosses circle GH mark I.
  17. Where HI hits AB mark J.
  18. Halve IJ, mark K.
  19. Create circle AI.
  20. Where circle AI meets segment AF, mark L.
  21. Create circle AK.
  22. Reflect K, H and G across AF.
  23. Create line segment H'K'.
  24. Create line parallel to HJ passing thorough G'.
  25. Bec is hiding in the diagram! Below shows 0it highlighted in red.
Bec highlighted

And highlighted.