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Date and Time 05.12.2030 00:10:54 UTC
Place IP Address: 248.110.344.846 [2]
Code Vinäÿü

New chat thread initiated at 20301205 at 001054.
First Poster: South Africa
Priority: High
Subject: Help
Localization mode: Language = English
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Country Message
South Africa Help me!
South Africa I don’t have enough power to stop the Agglutination. Please do something!
<System> The United States of America has joined the discussion.
United States of America We can’t even ascertain just who this so-called Agglutination is. How do we even know they are not bluffing – there might not even be an Agglutination!
<System> 2 other countries have joined the discussion.
South Africa But what if there is an Agglutination, and they are ready to invade us? I’d be helpless!
United Kingdom of… You have a point. Sending 5,000 troopers and 5 planes immediately.
South Africa Thank you. You guys might need to ready yourselves too; the Agglutination might use us for an excuse to invade the rest of you. Be careful – what you do can provoke them to do so.
France [System Translation: French → English] Will do. Also sending 4,500 troopers and 2 ships. Hey, America, you should too.
United States of America Sending 10,000 troops, 5 planes and 4 ships due to insistence of the others. Correction: strong insistence.
United Kingdom of… Take care. I wish you fare well against the Agglutination.
South Africa I express my gratitude. This will have to do in the coming possible invasion.

Thread ended here by South Africa. Thread closes at 20301205 at 001758.
Last Poster: South Africa
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  1. The Nation Chat is exactly what it says on the tin: an IM for country representatives. If you just look at a log, it would look like the countries themselves speak. Anthropomorphism much?
  2. No, it’s not as stupid as it sounds. IPv4 for governments is actually larger than you think, having numbers that goes up to 65,535 instead of 255. Admittedly that means that IP addresses in governments are twice as big as anyone else’s, but hey, anything for secrecy, eh?
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