Fission Chess is Fusion Chess that's been extended the other way. Each player has a lot of tiny pieces that can be moved off to make smaller units than their FIDE equivalents.


This is the FIDE board: 8 × 8. Everyone should have

  • 21 Forward, Backward, Left and Right Wazirs
  • 21 Forward, Backward, Left and Right Ferzes
  • 16 Knight Bits
  • 8 King Bits and
  • 8 Pawns.


a b c
3 Left Ferz Forward Wazir Forward Ferz
2 Left Wazir Ø Right Wazir
1 Backwards Ferz Backwards Wazir Right Ferz

The Wazirs and Ferzes move one square, moving or capturing, from Ø to the square marked with the name, and may move (but not capture) on the square that's opposite to the square marked with their name.


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