The Eridagalaktan Ocean (spelled in English as Eridagalactan), known as Eridalon by the Feferisetanis (Eri ge on: Eri dalü long – English Ocean of Erso)* and the Galaktan by the other two continents (Līr: Gal aac tan – English Big Scary Sea)*, is the largest ocean in Pseudo.


The boundaries of the Eridagalaktan, like a lot of the other oceans, are simple lines drawn between various places of interest. For example, THe boundary the ocean makes with the Homyü ocean is the line drawn between Selken, Vresteve and Sanwetšo, Refanpilta.


The Eridagalaktan is the successor of the Agelta in Old Pseudo. Much like the relationship between Earth's Pacific and Panthalassa, the Agelta was renamed the Eridagalaktan because the lands it surrounds are no longer in the same orientation.


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