In the modern world, money is still a privilege: it's just that you need so many privileges that if you have 1 billion units of whatever currency the people of the Empire use with regularity, you'd be the richest man alive. Because this is a post-scarcity world, all money is used for is to purchase one-of-a-kind things (such as paintings, pottery and the occasional work by the planet-sculptors) or to have a membership in an extremely prestigious club. Thus, one unit of currency is massively expensive!

Pseudoan CurrencyEdit

The Psuedoan unit of currency is the de facto standard of all the empire (although others are used), and it is called the Satchrin (Egonyota Pasaru: Satšrin – English Platinum)*. A Satšrin is worth US$1 119 047.62, and is divided into 1 728 Jelsots (Egonyota Pasaru: Dželsot – English Pearl)*. In English text, the integer part is written in base 10, and the Jelsot part is written in base-twelve. This is called the Split-Base Method.

There are multiple denominations, ranging from Sč 0.0006 to Sč 24 for coins, and Sč 12 to Sč 20 736 for bills.


A variant of the Satchrin is already made as soon as 22 Irada 503 PDN*. This Satchrin (then called the Sādin) is made out of 60% platinum and 40% electrum.