There are again four ways to chop up the circle, one for each planet.


Pseudo will cut a circle into 1080 equal daħe. Each daħe is then further subdivided into 360 ilostoy and then 300 takóŕí. It's exactly the same way of cutting a year.

There are six main cardinal directions and two auxiliary cardinal directions.

The eight cardinal directions of the Pseudoan Culture
Degrees Daħe Main Auxiliary
0 0 Galķu
60 180 Vilse  
90 270   Kali
120 360 Lopre  
180 540 LZese
240 720 Zilre  
270 432   Pult
300 900 Jelse  



The eight cardinal directions of the Quaxtia Culture
Degrees ’ājitā Direction
0 0 Ājū
40 64 Pūrtay
80 128 Tīħū
120 840 Le’ātu
160 256 Kēlatū
200 320 Fīhorā
240 384 Praħet
280 448 ’Itōğa
320 512 Vakōto


Compass Points Xaxex

The five compass points and five general directions of Xaxex, with graduations in sureþa.

There are two methods to deal with cutting the circle in Xaxex terms. The first way cuts it into powers of two, like we do. The second way, which is more often seen in the local form of diviniation and just for fun stuff, is to chop it into -- you guessed it -- powers of five.

There are 625 sureþa in the circle, and each direction is given a name. Not just that, but the parts between the pure directions are also given a name, as seen in the diagram on the right.